You’ll love making these quick and easy Marshmallow Lego Pops for birthdays and class treats. So simple that kids can help too! Video included for quick tutorial.

Cute and Easy Marshmallow Lego Pops Recipe

Reader request! After posting my simple Lego Cake I had promised to walk you through how to make the  Marshmallow Lego Pops. Honestly, it’s not much more difficult than dipping a marshmallow in chocolate, but I’ve come to realize that after making these for a few years I have a few tips and tricks to share with you.

Lego Cake and Marshmallow Pops Recipe- I LOVE this idea!


Marshmallow Lego Pops tutorial

As always, melt your chocolate slowly. Add in a teaspoon of shortening or coconut oil at a time to thin the chocolate to a good dipping consistency. You want the chocolate to flow freely from a spoon when you dip it in.

I have scissors that I reserve especially for food. Just be sure to wash anything that touches your food!

Easy Marshmallow Lego Pops tutorial

Please watch a short video at the bottom of this post showing how I adhere the mini marshmallow to the top with a bit of chocolate. By using the same lollipop stick you will also have a better chance of your stick staying in place when you dip the whole pop. After this step let the chocolate firm up for 10-15 minutes. 

Tap the pops quickly on the side of the bowl and roll the pops around until the chocolate is smooth. Be sure that all of the excess chocolate drips off before you stick it upright to dry or else you’ll be left with droopy Lego Man pops. I use a piece of cardboard that I poke holes in on top of a bowl to hold my pops in place while drying. You can also use a piece of styrofoam.

I hope you’ll make these and love them as much as we do! I’ve linked to all the supplies used at the bottom of this post. Items can also be found at most craft stores.

marshmallow cake pop with a lego smile face collage image with many different faces



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