This Lego cake design is so very simple! No special tools or cake decorating skills necessary!

Lego Cake- simple design! No special tools or skill level necessary!

I posted this Lego Cake on Instagram a few weeks ago for my son’s 4th birthday party. Not too long after that my Facebook feed and inbox started filling up with requests of how to make this design at home. Honestly I wasn’t even going to post this and I just took a few sloppy pictures- I hope you don’t mind me sharing!

Lego Cake- easy to do at home!

Apparently there are other little boys who like Legos. Who knew? They are kind of a big deal I guess. Now you can take this design and run with it. I tried with all my heart to get my son to pick a different frosting color but he insisted on red. So red it was. Wow was it ever!

3 Layer Lego Cake

This is technically a 3 layer cake. I used box mixes. Feel free to use a homemade cake made with the tears of unicorns if you wish. The bottom 2 layers are 9×13 yellow cake. The 3rd 9×13 cake was chocolate and I simply used a biscuit cutter to cut out 6 rounds. I placed them all on top with a dab of frosting. Then I did something crazy and heated my buttercream up to a pourable consistency. In theory this would have worked well if I hadn’t have stopped to snap a quick picture. Don’t do that. Just keep pouring. The frosting hardens quickly.

Or just frost it with a spatula like most normal people do. Whatevs.

Lego cake frosting tutorial- pour heat4ed frosting over the cake for a smooth finish

A lot of you asked about the little Lego head pops too so be sure to see my full post and Marshmallow Lego Pop video tutorial here.

Lego Cake pops- marshmallow Lego man head! SO easy!!