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Katrina Bahl In Katrinas Kitchen

Katrina is the author, photographer, and recipe writer behind the popular dessert blog In Katrina’s Kitchen– “where dessert is always served first.” You can expect to find over-the-top sweet treats alongside delicious desserts wholesome enough to enjoy everyday. Outside the kitchen Katrina enjoys sipping iced coffee, curling up with a good book, and being a wife and mom in a house full of boys who like to eat.

About Katrina

Hello there! I’m Katrina – a wife and a mom in a house full of boys who like to eat. This is my girly space where I make pretty things. Sweets and eats…but mostly sweets!My husband and I are having a blast raising our two little boys. We are high school sweethearts and have had the privilege of getting to know each other since 1995. I’m pretty confident that I know him better than he knows himself. We have lived to the north and to the south but we call Ohio home. Since we have lots of family here we are spoiled with free babysitting so we can go get our Nerd on and read our books at a coffee shop whenever we want.  I’m so blessed to be the mom of two wonderful little men. They keep me busy all day and I find myself saying things like:

Stop licking that.

Why are you naked?

Please put that away in the “Small Men and Beasts” bin.

Did you wash your hands?

Let me smell.

This blog is my happy little sugar space. I hope you poke around and search my sweets and find something that you like. Contrary to what you may think, we don’t eat dessert every day. I don’t put food coloring in my kids’ milk. We eat eggs, cereal, or oatmeal for breakfast, not cupcakes. I am usually throwing out Halloween candy at Easter time. My kids love broccoli. I serve 3 homemade meals using fresh ingredients most days of the week, and we are a pretty active family. You can sleep well tonight knowing that my children are happy and healthy {thankfully!} and we might have taken a walk downtown together as a family and enjoyed a treat at our local creamery. Also if you are our friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers I’ll be knocking on your door soon with something sweet!

Katrina of www.inkatrinaskitchen.com

About In Katrina’s Kitchen

KATRINA BAHL began her blog, InKatrinasKitchen.com, in 2011, and has since built a loyal international following via social media. It was named a 2013 and 2012 Top 100 Mom Food Blog, Pinterest Top 20 Food Blogs, and has been featured on the TODAY Show, Parents Magazine, Taste of Home Magazine, Woman’s World, Foodgawker, Tastespotting, Yahoo Shine!, and many more places online and in print.

The Cookbook

Publication date: November 3, 2014.

Katrina discovered Biscoff when her son was diagnosed with a peanut allergy. Biscoff Spread is peanut-free, vegan, and non-GMO.

The Biscoff Cookie and Spread Cookbook by Katrina Bahl Cover

 Available for Purchase


Barnes and Noble 

Lotus Bakery

Connect with Katrina

Katrina is PR friendly and would love to hear more about working with your brand. She has worked with KitchenAid, Macy’s, OXO, Silpat, Biscoff, and more, and has been a brand ambassador for companies such as HERSHEY, McCormick, Verizon Wireless and Celebrations.com. Please contact her for more information and to request a media kit.