These Easter Egg Hunt Cupcakes are completely edible and have a hidden candy surprise inside the chocolate grass. SO easy and fun to make with kids!

Easter Egg Hunt Cupcakes- cute and easy for Easter!!

I am disturbed by the Easter Bunny.

Rabbits surely don’t lay eggs so did this creepy rabbit go around and steal them from technicolor chickens? He bribes children to swap his candy-filled eggs for pastel-colored hard boiled eggs? Wait a minute- do bunnies even eat hard boiled eggs? Disturbing image. And now he somehow has access to my house?

Easter Egg Hunt Cupcakes Tutorial

I’m pretty sure my fear stems from the time when I was a small child and my dad took a job as a department store Easter Bunny. I did not know that the Easter Bunny was a man (let alone my father) so when he called me by my name I was pretty much scarred for the rest of my life. Looking back I see no photos of me with the Easter Bunny after The Incident. Even now real rabbits kind of spook me.

Easter Egg Hunt Cupcakes -chocolate eggs hidden inside chocolate "grass" @katrinaskitchen

Call me the Easter Scrooge but I’m not into Easter egg hunts either. Of course I lived for them as a child, (as long as the creepy human-sized bunny stayed a safe distance away) but as an adult they are kind of a pain. Most of the time it is cold out or raining. We get our kids dressed up to go run around in the mud and come home with a bag full of Jolly Ranchers and the occasional Hershey’s Kiss. Also have you ever tried to explain to a small child why you have to throw away unwrapped candy? Their poor little brains can only comprehend **My candy is in the trash. My candy is in the trash. My candy is in the trash. YOU threw my candy IN THE TRASH** You lose major mom points for throwing away perfectly good jelly beans.

Easter Egg Hunt Cupcakes Prep

All the while the Easter Bunny is lurking around silently judging us all. He hid those eggs for a reason you know. Does he secretly expect repayment in the form of hard boiled eggs? Or maybe this candy is just an advancement on Sunday’s haul.

This year my oldest son is no longer in the kiddie field. Basically the kiddie field is  a roped off area for toddlers to walk around and clean up somebody else’s mess all while pausing for cute photo opps. Most of them have no idea what is going on and can’t even eat half of the candy that is in the plastic eggs anyway. It’s kind of cruel now that my son is old enough to be excited by the hunt he will likely only come home with a few eggs if that. Hopefully he won’t be plowed over by a 9 year old girl. Oh well, at least he has cupcakes.

Easter Egg Hunt Cupcakes from @KatrinasKitchen

Easter Egg Hunt Cupcakes Recipe

Cupcakes with chocolate eggs hidden in a field of chocolate grass

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  • 24 Cupcakes
  • Buttercream frosting
  • 2 Cups green-tinted chocolate discs, melted
  • Easter egg candy


  • Using a squirt bottle or icing bag pipe melted chocolate onto parchment paper or a silicone mat look like grass. There is no need to be exact because you can break off any extra to fit onto your cupcakes. Run a bead of chocolate at the base of the grass to reinforce the bottom since you will be pressing this into your frosted cake. Let harden (can place in the refrigerator to speed up the process).
  • While waiting for the chocolate to set up frost your cupcakes (or cake) as you normally would. Be generous with the frosting since it will need to hold the grass upright.
  • Peel the chocolate grass off of the parchment paper and stand upright in the frosting along with some candy eggs.
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Easter Egg Hunt Cupcakes- easy for kids to decorate and fun to eat. SO easy!!