S’mores Ice cream + chocolate soda = one delicious ice cream float!

S'mores Floats with Chocolate Soda | www.inkatrinaskitchen.com A refreshing spin on s'mores when you don't have a campfire!

Sometimes I forget that I’m an adult now and responsible for adultish things. No one is going to dust my curtains. Base boards don’t polish themselves. The pediatrician will not call me to make my son’s yearly checkup. The dishes will still be there in the morning. The Laundry Fairy sadly does not exist. I am responsible for making sure my kids eat green things.

My son starts Kindergarten this week and I am suddenly reminded that I am the adult here. No more lazy summer pajama days playing Angry Birds and Hot Wheels. I have to track down school supply lists and label everything. I am responsible for waking everyone up on the rare days that the kids sleep in. I even bought myself a new calendar to keep track of all of the new things coming up. It’s like this is some kind of adulthood test.

S'Mores Floats with Chocolate Soda @KatrinasKitchen

A true adult will be able to:

a.) Make a healthy, filling breakfast and convince her child to eat it even if said child is not a morning person and rarely consumes anything except milk before 9:00 AM.

b.) Pack a healthy yet cool lunch that will hopefully at least be partially eaten, or remember to have real-life money to give her child to purchase lunch with…no credit cards allowed.

c.) Coordinate the morning schedule so that everyone gets out the door with appropriate clothes, clean socks, and brushed teeth. Every day. Without exception.

d.) Fill your toddler’s day with fun and educational things to do so that he isn’t completely bored without his best friend and playmate.

e.) All of the above and 40 things more.

S'Mores Floats with Chocolate Soda @KatrinasKitchen

Thankfully no one ever said that I need to eat like an adult. So I went to World Market and bought myself a chocolate pop. I poured it over some S’mores ice cream, and drizzled in some more chocolate sauce just for good measure.

Do you have a little one starting school this week? Maybe we can knock back a few of these together while we hide in the pantry and make our younger children eat whole wheat pancakes and Greek yogurt, and wait for the complete strangers to return our precious firstborns to us.

S'Mores Floats with Chocolate Soda @KatrinasKitchen

I know that some of you are going to ask me if this really tastes any good. Here is my unbiased opinion- it truly does taste like you are drinking a chocolate bar. By itself it is a little confusing to be drinking. It goes down like cream soda but definitely has a chocolate affect. Pour it over marshmallow ice cream studded with graham crackers and more chocolate and it is mind-blowing. The end.

S'mores Floats with Chocolate Soda Recipe

S'mores Ice cream + chocolate soda = one delicious float!

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  • Chocolate sauce
  • Marshmallow ice cream
  • Chocolate soda
  • Marshallows and graham crackers for garnish, optional


  • Layer the ice cream and chocolate sauce in a tall glass.
  • Pour in chocolate soda.
  • Garnish with marshmallows and graham cracker crumbs if desired.
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