When I got the chance to go Iowa to spend a few days with Iowa Corn I jumped at the chance. I was touched by the commitment and dedication of the farmers and the passion of everyone who works in the Iowa Corn industry.

One of our first stops was the Iowa Distilling Company for dinner and drinks. I can’t remember the name of my cocktail but I know that it used the Prairie Fire Cinnamon Whisky. Whew! It tasted like a red hot candy and went down really too well! I would recommend anything in that line if you’re in the area. It was a real treat.

We also had dinner catered in and it was fabulous and corn-filled. Everything from appetizer to dessert was bursting with creative corn flavor.

Next up was a tour of the Meridith Company, home of many well known and loved publications such as Better Homes and Gardens, Parents, Family Fun, Shape, allrecipes, and more. I think we could have spent all day there exploring. The whole planning, photography, editing, promotion process is very similar to what bloggers do, except on a much larger scale of course. It was fascinating!

From there we got to spend some time with the farmers, a sincerely dedicated and inspiring group of men and women. At the Blair farm we learned about the many different kinds of corn as well as the self-sustaining aspects of the corn harvest.

Among other things they can sell it to an ethanol processing plant as well as buy back the parts of the corn and use it as feed for their animals. Truly nothing is left behind!

Moving on to the Kenney farm we watched a soybean harvest and talked about how modern technology has made it possible to use even fewer pesticides. These men and women work hard every day and make the best decisions they have with the information that is available to them so the process may look a bit different from year to year but they are putting out their best product in the most efficient way possible.

Moving on to the Iowa Speedway we got to take a few laps at 110 mph in a pace car. I am excited to see the expansion of ethanol fuel and where it continues to push the car industry.

We met with dietician & food scientist, Dr. Ruth McDonald, a Professor and Chair at Iowa State University. We could have talked GMOs, food labeling, and food safety all day long!

Finally we headed over to the Des Moines Social Club and had a Chopped style cooking challenge with corn, mangoes, and chicken liver. Chicken liver!!  After we cooked together we got to enjoy the fruits of our labor.


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I enjoyed partnering with Iowa Corn to bring you this post. You can connect with Iowa Corn on Facebook, and Twitter. As always, all opinions expressed are my own.