Do you ever want to make 12 cupcakes instead of 24? {{What is wrong with you? I’ll send you my address.}} You’re dreaming of presenting your family with a fresh small batch of cupcakes when it hits you…the original recipe calls for ONE egg. **sob** You give up and eat raw break and bake cookie dough. Or maybe you want to live a little large but 48 cupcakes is too many even for your sweet tooth, but how are you going to get your hands on one and a half an eggs? {{Again, FedEx me, people}}

How to Measure Partial Eggs for Baking: A Tutorial from @katrinaskitchen

A funny thing happens when you start recording your thoughts and recipes on Internetland- people start asking you questions. I don’t think I even considered opening a special email account for In Katrina’s Kitchen until a few months into this entire process. Since then checking and responding to your emails has become part of my responsibilities here. Who knew that blogging would involve real life problem solving and big words like responsibility?

I figured since I get many emails asking how to halve or double a recipe that involves baking with partial eggs that I would put my Teacher Voice to use and lay it out here for you. Plus I have this nifty little scale from BigKitchen .com to give to one of you so this is going to work out well for us all. In this example I only need 1/2 an egg for my recipe.

How to Measure Partial Eggs for Baking: A Tutorial from @katrinaskitchen
  1. Crack your egg and whisk to combine the egg and yolk.
  2. Weigh the contents.
  3. Remove the partial amount that you need.

One large egg weighs between 40 and 50 grams. I have been measuring eggs like this for halved recipes since I was a young girl. You can also measure by volume.  One large egg generally contains 3 Tablespoons (1 T of yolk, and 2 T of whites). If you don’t have a food scale handy you can whisk your egg and measure out 1 1/2 Tablespoons if you need half of an egg.

How to effortlessly measure partial eggs for baking when you only need half an egg