Use new, clean rubber stamps and food coloring to create unique hand-stamped cookies that will be sure to turn heads.

Chocolate Stamped Cookies Recipe and Tutorial

Baking and crafting- my worlds collide! You already know that I love to bake, but did I ever tell you about my crafting habit? I can’t draw so I like to buy stamps, Sharpies, cute stickers, and things that punch shapes out of colorful paper. My poor crafting table has been jealous of my oven since things have been heating up over here at In Katrina’s Kitchen so I thought this would be the perfect way to remedy that.

Chocolate Stamped Cookies Recipe and Tutorial

Have you heard of Sprinkle Bakes? Heather is the talented artist and blogger behind her successful and gorgeous blog by the same title and now she is an author! When the publisher contacted me and asked if I wanted to review Heather’s book I thought surely this was a rhetorical question. So I jumped at the chance (and the publisher threw in a copy for one of you too!). You are actually going to get FOUR chances (!!!) at winning this book- more about that later.

Hand Stamped Cookies @katrinaskitchen

This book was a page-turner; I had a hard time doing laundry, washing dishes, making dinner, and all that riveting stuff. I finally decided on making hand-stamped cookies. Heather made postcard cookies and they were stunning of course. In the book she talks about how she uses wafer paper to make them.

You can find wafer paper online. Since I didn’t have a whole lot of time to get my hands on some I did what I normally do when I need help: I went to Dairy Queen. I asked if I could purchase a sheet of the paper they use to create edible images on their ice cream cakes and the manager sold it to me for a few dollars.

Chocolate Stamped Cookies Recipe and Tutorial

As you can see the edible paper I used was not quite as thin as wafer paper and it didn’t create a seamless border. I’m okay with that- no shipping, problem solved, ice cream for dinner, and my family will still be able to eat real food this week. You can use any (new) rubber stamp so the possibilities truly are endless. Let me also mention here that I used this chocolate cut out cookie recipe from Lila Loa…wow.

Chocolate Stamped Cookies Recipe and Tutorial

Click through here to see my favorite Small Batch Royal Icing Recipe that I used on these cookies.

Chocolate Stamped Cookies Recipe and Tutorial

Hand Stamped Cookies

Use food coloring and a new rubber stamp to decorate cookies

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  • Prepare and cut your cookies to whatever shape that best fits your rubber stamp(s). Bake and let cool completely. Frost with royal icing and let dry overnight.
  • Put a small amount of food coloring into a shallow bowl or plate. Using a small flat-head paint brush (or a cotton swab) brush the ink onto the rubber stamp being careful not to over-saturate.
  • Hold the inked stamp on the edible paper for 2-3 seconds. Gently peel away.
  • Trim off any excess paper and affix to the cookie with a dab of corn syrup. Let dry completely.
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I have teamed up with three other bloggers who are each featuring a recipe from the book Sprinkle Bakes, and we each have one to give away also. Be sure to check them out!

Hand Stamped Cookies @katrinaskitchen

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Hand Stamped Cookies {You Are Here!}

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