BlogHer Food Conference Miami 2014 recap- the food, the friends, the fun!

Let’s start with the food.

BlogHer Food Conference Miami 2014 Food


This being my first BlogHer Food Conference I was thankful to have friends whisk me around the city to experience some of the flavors of Miami. From the Low and Slow Chicken Salad and Bourbon Blackberry Lemonade at Yardbird, to cupcakes, sundaes, and Cuban sandwiches with Jenny and Amanda, every meal was an adventure. There were plenty of posh dinners and parties as well of course.


The Friends

BlogHer Food Conference Miami 2014 Friends

I was sitting at a table with a PR rep who mostly had only spent time with bloggers overseas. He commented to me about how unusual it was that we all enjoy one another and share freely. He was impressed that we are willing to help one another get ahead. I know I’ve said this before, but I never thought I would have made such good friends with people that I’ve only ever “met” online. The best part is when we get together (some of us even meeting for the first time) it’s like we’re old friends because we have so many shared experiences.

The Fun

BlogHer Food Conference Miami 2014 McCormick Event

So much of the weekend was spent soaking up every last bit of sunshine I could take with me back to Ohio. Miami was simply stunning. I grabbed this shot at a delicious and informative McCormick event hosted at the breathtaking Mondrian South Beach Hotel.

BlogHer Food Conference Miami 2014 Dairy

Thank you the The American Dairy Association Mideast for sending me to Miami. I was honored to serve my White Wine Swiss Fondue and Blueberry Lemonade Fruit Dip to my peers at the conference (it was even better that the hotel staff prepared it and took care of the dishes!).  June is National Dairy Month so I’ll be sure to have some more delicious dairy recipes for you as I continue to partner with my friends at the ADA Mideast.

BlogHer Food Conference 2014 leaving Miami

Miami was amazing, but I’m happy to be home again in my house full of boys. In between all of the food and fun I managed to learn lots of great blogging tips at sessions about working with brands, monetization, Pinterest best practices, creative food writing, kitchen demos, and many more.