I should have started blogging a LONG time ago! I am having a blast, “meeting” a lot of really creative and funny people, and reconnecting with some friends from my past – all because I tell you every couple of days what’s going on in my kitchen. Besides people only leave you nice encouraging comments on your blog. Some may be thinking, “Wow – where did that recipe go wrong?” but few would take the time to post that comment. 🙂

As a food blogger it is the biggest compliment when someone tells you they made one of your recipes. I love to hear the stories from your kitchen! My friends Kim, Shandra, Pam, and Chris have been making recipes from my blog – that’s awesome! I even know a few people who are surprising their hubby for Valentine’s Day with the Chocolate Chip Oreo Cookie Sandwiches. What a super idea! And I take comfort in knowing that I am not the only person with scary-looking bananas in her kitchen.

Thanks also to Eliot’s Eats who included my banana muffins in her snow day baking extravaganza. I laughed with Angela from Recipes From My Mom when we both talked about how we cried when we opened our Kitchen Aid mixers. Thanks also to Becky who gave me the Stylish Blogger Award! I am very flattered – especially since I consider myself the most unstylish person I know. I mean, my hair style is the same as it was in 1993 people and I have holes in most of my socks! Does anybody “darn” socks anymore? Is that even the right term?

Just so you know I have some fun things coming up in the next couple of weeks including guest posts from my Foodie Friends. Also my husband was eating my latest cookie creation at 3am last night! Post to come soon! Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

Here is a quick Super Bowl recipe that you can make right now and feel like a star on Sunday. I don’t even know if I would call it a recipe though. It’s just 3 ingredients that you throw in a bowl but I served it at my girls’ night recently and people were scraping the sides of the serving bowl by the end of the evening.


Pepper Relish Dip
Adapted from: Dickenson’s

1 jar DICKINSON’S® Sweet ‘n’ Hot Pepper & Onion Relish
1 8-oz. pkg. Cream Cheese, softened
Assorted CrackersIn a medium bowl, beat cream cheese until smooth. Gradually mix in relish. Spoon into a decorative bowl. Chill for at least 1 hour. Serve with crackers.

SERVING IDEAS: For an easier option, unwrap the block of cream cheese and place on a decorative plate. Pour the relish over the top. Serve with a small knife and crackers.

Notes from my kitchen: This dip would be great served hot or cold. I threw it all in a bowl and microwaved it to get the cream cheese even smoother. Then I garnished it with sliced green onions.