Angry Birds 3D Cakes @KatrinasKitchen

So Four Year Old Foodie is now Five Year Old Foodie and he is obsessed with everything Angry Birds. You may remember me mentioning that I do not like making cakes. It’s a little complicated to explain, but since you are here…

Cake are hard! With most desserts there are usually other options available to party-goers. You are totally hating on my Giant Chewy Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies? No prob- go eat Sally’s crispy chocolate chip cookies. You are not a fan of the  Mounds Brownies I brought? No prob- go munch on Grandma’s apple pie. But birthday cake? You only have one chance at birthday cake. If people don’t like your cake they have to secretly set it aside in some remote place of the house, cover it with a half-crumpled napkin, and gorge on a 4th piece of pizza. Sad.

So I make box cake mixes.

Angry Birds 3D Cakes @KatrinasKitchen

I have it on my 2012 list of random baking accomplishments to make a *real* cake so you know it might happen. Until then just know these were made with the best Red Velvet Cake a box can deliver.

Besides, I was spending eleventy hundred hours on the assembling, frosting, and secret-keeping of these cakes already so I totally didn’t feel bad. And I always make my own buttercream because, umm yum.

Black Bird and Red Bird were made using a Wilton Sports Ball Pan Set.

I’m pretty sure you can make Yellow Bird with the same pan and a little trimming but since I already had a dome-shaped glass bowl from Pampered Chef I used that.  Blue Bird is a jumbo-sized cupcake with gobs of frosting to round him out.

I used AmeriColor food coloring gels in Bright White, Super Black, Lemon Yellow, Super Red, Chocolate Brown, and Sky Blue. The grass is Forest Green with a drop of Electric Green, and the beaks are Lemon Yellow with a tiny drop of Super Red.I followed package directions for the cakes EXCEPT I only used about 3 Tablespoons of oil to make the cake sturdier.

If you don’t have eleventy hundred hours to make these cakes you can always make this Red Angry Bird Cake that I made with piping frosting through a Ziplock bag and call it a day.

We had a blast and Five Year Old Foodie loved his surprise party. And no one had to shove the cake off in some remote corner of the house so that was a bonus.

I meant to pipe a Happy 5th Birthday sentiment on the bottom right hand corner before serving. I don’t think he missed it though.

Angry Birds 3D Cakes @KatrinasKitchen