I’m running my first 5K on Saturday, and I’m super nervous and excited. I know you don’t come here to talk about exercise so don’t worry that I’m going to get all whole wheat on you {nothing against whole wheat}.

Because I’m such a dork I thought that it would be a fun goal to reach 5,000 Facebook fans by the time I run my 5k. Unfortunately, I thought about his last night, and my 5k is this Saturday, May 5th…that’s only a few days away! EEEEEEeeeeeek! So stop by my In Katrina’s Kitchen on Facebook page if you haven’t already and check out what’s going on over there. Oh and tell your friends if you want to help me reach this silly goal. 🙂 Or not. I’ll still love you. I’m loyal like that.

Also I’m over at Rachel Cooks today sharing my super-exciting-over-the-top-wild daily schedule. Come take a peek at what I do every day. It involves this:

What are you doing this week?