Host a Breyers Ice Cream Party {Giveaway} sponsored by Breyers

Breyers Ice Cream Party Giveaway

Last week our family enjoyed a nice afternoon at a local park and a trip to a museum. We were having such a great time when we stopped for lunch and ice cream at a small diner. As we were waiting for our ice cream our oldest son began to remember a toy that he lost when he was in preschool and it all went downhill from there. You see, he didn’t loose it; it had been taken away from him as punishment. As we sat there and he recalled all of the injustices against him he began to become angry. Well, anyone with 2 young children will understand that when one child is having a meltdown the second child often seizes this opportunity to have one as well- a freebie of sorts.

Breyers Ice Cream Party Giveaway

As my husband and I happily ate our sundaes we watched as our children choose anger over ice cream. There was no talking them out of this- especially the older one who really couldn’t imagine life without that dragon toy from THREE years ago. Trying to turn the situation around I challenged the boys to Anger Eat. I told them that it is impossible to eat ice cream and be angry. So the Anger Eating began…and it was quite hilarious! I snapped a few pictures and showed them and before long we were all laughing and trying our hardest to Anger Eat our sundaes. It simply cannot be done.


The good news is that Breyers wants to help you celebrate National Ice Cream Month in July by letting you try their new line of toppings- and they won’t even make you Anger Eat it. You will love that these contain no high-fructose corn syrup, the fruit toppings are made with real fruit and no preservatives, and the sprinkles contain no partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Breyers Ice Cream Party @katrinaskitchen


And can I just tell you that my husband said these were the best sprinkles he’s ever tasted?! Can you believe that I married a guy who is ambivalent about sprinkles? It’s true. He can take them or leave them (but he usually leaves them). I caught him a few times snacking on these sprinkles straight from the jar!

Breyers Ice Cream Party Giveaway

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Host a Breyers Ice Cream Party! Two (2) winners will receive:

  • Hot Fudge
  • Caramel Sauce
  • Chocolate Sauce
  • Strawberry Fruit Topping
  • Mixed Berry Fruit Topping
  • Cherry Fruit Topping
  • Rainbow Sprinkles
  • Chocolate Sprinkles
  • Coupon for Breyers ice cream

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