Turkey Candy Pops @KatrinasKitchen

I’ve explained to you before how lack-of-candy corn almost ruined Thanksgiving last year. Is that a little too dramatic? No it is not; I love traditions. I know it’s about being thankful but seriously, the smell of chocolate chip pumpkin muffins announce to my brain that it is Thanksgiving morning. In the same way, turkey cookies are just part of our family every fourth Thursday of November.

Turkey Candy Pops @KatrinasKitchen

I’m not claiming to be the inventor of these. I just know that they have graced my Thanksgiving spread in some form or another ever since I was baking in our tiny 1 bedroom apartment 10 years ago. I’ve made them with Oreos, marshmallow cookies, striped fudge cookies, Rolos, Whoppers, Reese’s Cups…the list goes on.

Since this is the year of the cakepop/cookiepop/everything-is-better-on-a-stick I made them into pops. The base is actually my Homemade Butterfingers but you can use any round cookie or candy. Mini Oreos, candy corn, candy eyes, and chocolate frosting make up the rest. If you don’t have candy eyes you can use a dab of white frosting with a dab of black or a black sprinkle. And yes…I forgot the wattle – did you even know the name for that red thing? Seriously, did you?! Because I looked it up just for you. A dab of red frosting will do the trick.

Turkey Candy Pops @KatrinasKitchen

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