So tomorrow is our extra day- yay! Happy birthday to all of you Leap Babies! I thought we would celebrate by eating something crazy for breakfast. I mean, it’s an extra day so that means calories don’t count tomorrow. Let’s all agree on this, okay? There is strength in numbers and people.

Cookie Dough Muffin Tops with Chocolate Streusel @KatrinasKitchen

And if calories don’t count then you might as well start big at breakfast. Enter Cookie Dough Muffin Tops. Of course there is also the matter of that Chocolate Streusel topping. Leap Year for the win! I’m sharing the recipe for these over at my friend Amanda’s blog, Fake Ginger. It’s going to be really embarrassing if I show up with all of these muffin tops and nobody stops by so what are you waiting for? 🙂

Cookie Dough Muffin Tops with Chocolate Streusel Guest Post at Fake Ginger